Intake canal seawater of unit 3 still radioactive

The three graphs below show that recent levels of Cesium 137 are still elevated, at radioactive densities that have not been seen in the last six months.   Note the dates on each graph… Recent data and graphs can be found on  this page, which points out that older data is available  here for the archives from Dec.23, 2011 to June.30, 2012, and here for the archives before Dec.22, 2011. Looking at those pages indicates  that the groundwater in subdrains round Unit 2 appears to be the main source of this ongoing contamination.

I believe TEPCO is still running a machine to pump seawater out of the intake canal, run it through a filter to remove cesium, and replace it in the ocean, so you would expect that this water would become less and less radioactive, if there were no new leaks.



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