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Govt to ban shipment of Miyagi beef cattle, buy beef that already marketed

Fukushima province also banned shipment of cattle a few days ago.   The government will aslo buy back meat that has already reached the market and invoice TEPCO sometime later. Nearly 3000 cattle have been sent to the market after … Continue reading

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Radioactive cesium over-limit in tea grown in Tokyo.

Radioactive cesium was detected in processed tea that was made from leaves that elementary school children picked in Tokyo as part of their school curriculum, it has been learned. The Itabashi Ward Office announced on June 30 that 2,700 becquerels … Continue reading

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Tea with over-limit cesium found 300km south of Fukushima

A mail order tea merchant (no, not the authorities) discovered that its tea from Shizuoka (over 300km from Fukushima) contains cesium over allowable limits.   Here is map of a  few plants over allowed limits Cesium detected in Shizuoka tea Radioactive … Continue reading

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