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Measure hydrogen in containment vessels, TEPCO is told

Efforts shall be made to measure the hydrogen concentration in the PCV of Units 1-3, NISA told TEPCO on Sept 25.   After three hydrogen explosions, it seems hard to believe that TEPCO has not measured this before.     Advertisements

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Hydrogen found in pipes TEPCO was about to cut for its new gas purification system

It is unclear how close this came to an explosion, but TEPCO will be pressed to find out where and when the hydrogen got into this piping. The new gas management system, to pump nitrogen out of the containment drywell … Continue reading

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JAEA researchers say meltdown could have been avoided

Researchers say meltdown could have been avoided A group of researchers says the meltdown of a reactor at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant could have been avoided if water injection had been carried out 4 hours earlier than it … Continue reading

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Officials did not warn of extra radiation due to rain and wind on March 15 – though half radiation fell onto ocean

A new JAEA report says that people were exposed unnecessarily because government warnings did not take into account the heavy rain after reactor 3 blew up, or the fact that the wind was blowing onshore at that time, instead of … Continue reading

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Kan- Fukushima “a man made disaster”, no “well-thought out preparations”

He also expressed frustration that TEPCO did not follow his instructions or keep him informed,  “Even as I sought an explanation for this situation, I couldn’t tell whose decisions I was being given. It was like a game of Chinese … Continue reading

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Thee more workers sprayed with radioactive water in two incidents. TEPCO has no limit for beta radiation?

After two workers were doused with highly radioactive water on Wednesday, another had a similar shower; TEPCO was criticised for late reporting.  
On Sunday, 2 workers from the power company were exposed to beta radiation in a similar incident, which … Continue reading

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Regulator slams TEPCO for not telling them about large tsunami possibilities

Gov’t nuclear watchdog criticizes TEPCO for delayed release of tsunami estimate A government nuclear watchdog has criticized the Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) for not releasing an estimate it put together years ago that a tsunami over 10 meters high … Continue reading

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Govt did not release radiation plume maps, residents did not evacuate danger areas

NYT reports anger among nearby residents that SPEEDI modelling data in the early days was not released by the government – without this information many people stayed in some of the most dangerously contaminated areas.     The Mayor of … Continue reading

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TEPCO cannot track 132, oh no, 198 workers. Health and antiterrorism concerns

The health ministry has criticised TEPCO  because it cannot track 198 people who have worked at Fukushima (last week it was 132 people).  If TEPCO does not have contact details for them, it could also be breaking anti-terrorism laws. … Continue reading

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Regulators decided long power-loss did not need to be considered for reactor safety plans

Gov’t nuclear panel noted but downplayed risk of power loss at plants TOKYO (Kyodo) — Experts in a government commission overseeing the safety of nuclear power generation noted in the early 1990s the possibility of fatal damage to nuclear power … Continue reading

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