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8540 Terabecquerels of Cs-137 fell in the ocean – half the air release JAEA

Half the Cs-137 released to the air was deposited into the sea, and this amounts to  8450 Terabecquerels… Japan Atomic Energy Agency report June 17   They assume another  940 TBq was released in the water leaks from the plant before … Continue reading

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Strontium found in port water in May.. and Unit #2 had MUCH higher I-131 proportion

TEPCO press release of June 12 shows a rare analysis of Strontium nuclides, and much later information on total beta emitters was released.   Another odd thing about May 16’s figures is that I-131 figures are relatively MUCH higher inside the … Continue reading

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Less than 10% of radiation leaked. 30k to 100k terabecquerels leaked

The bigger part of radioactivity still inside reactor, less then 10% leaked.   At Fukushima 1, the leaked radioactivity from units 1-3 amounts to less than 10% of the total radioactivity inside the reactors. To avert the release of the … Continue reading

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