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Hydrogen found in pipes TEPCO was about to cut for its new gas purification system

It is unclear how close this came to an explosion, but TEPCO will be pressed to find out where and when the hydrogen got into this piping. The new gas management system, to pump nitrogen out of the containment drywell … Continue reading

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Areva-Kurion cesium adsorption / decontamination system to be retired, because it is too costly???

TEPCO’s latest report on treatment of highly-radioactive water suggests that the original water decontamination  system designed by Areva and Kurion will be offline for the first half of October then turned off from late October to the end of its forecast … Continue reading

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Unit #2’s new water-level gauge not working. Reactor too hot?

TEPCO  says it still cannot obtain accurate data on the water level and pressure of the Number 2 reactor. A new measuring device installed earlier this week is not operating properly. Tokyo Electric Power Company believes that readings by the … Continue reading

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Useful TEPCO NISA handouts press releases

see this page for interesting documents 

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Diagram of water level in reactor No. 1 at June 1

The water level in the basement of  Number 1 reactor building is given here – about 4.8 metres above Ohanama Port (OP) sea level .  If this reactor diagram circulating on the Net is accurate, then the OP level of … Continue reading

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Reactor #5 loses cooling for 15 hours, maybe 12 hours from meltdown.

Reactor #5 lost its cooling system  in the evening of May 28 when a pump broke down, and it heated up considerably before the pump was replaced next day.    The reactor had been stably  in cold-shutdown as its Residual … Continue reading

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Blueprint of #1 reactor building (allegedly)

This circulated on the web, origin unclear… But it seems to indicate Fukushima as it refers to OP  heights (Onahama Point, the local survey standard for sea level, I believe).  Click and click again for enlargements

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Intake canal- about 200,000 m3 with silt fence and sheet pile locations

Diagram from TEPCO indicates an average depth of about 6-7 metres, and google earth indicates about450m long and 80 wide on average. So about 200,000 tons of water is contained in there.  Note the plans for new sheet pile fences.  … Continue reading

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Basement-water radioactivity analysis March 30 April 24

From TEPCO Press Release (Mar 31,2011)The detection of radioactive materials in the water on 1st basement of turbine building at the site of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station] comes this table later data from April 13 is here:      

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Reactor diagrams – generic BWR-4

  Generic diagrams of reactors similar to Fukushima’s units 1-3. from the US government’s NRC. Note that the control rods need to be pushed up and pass through the reactor pressure vessel if needed – a design flaw, many experts say. … Continue reading

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