SPEEDI and WSPEEDI simulations for March

This page was copied on July 2 2011  from Google translate of   http://www.mext.go.jp/a_menu/saigaijohou/syousai/1305747.htm

Rapid Impact Emergency Radiation Network Prediction System (SPEEDI) as calculated by

The Ministry of Education, since March 11 accidents in nuclear power plants Fukushima Daiichi, as emergency response, and in emergency mode to SPEEDI, unit quantity (1 Becquerel) calculations predict, assuming the emission says. Also, when asked help from the Ministry of Education, to accommodate the fly and has been a trial calculation using a virtual set conditions SPEEDI. The difference is calculated as follows. In addition, SPEEDI World Edition (WSPEEDI) Includes results.


Sun Saturday, December 3rd

March 13 (Sunday)

March 14 (Monday)

March 15 (Tuesday)

March 16 (Wednesday)

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Nuclear emergency response headquarters support

Horita (Horita), Nitta (was on), back (back)
Phone: Tel: -5253 -4111 (ext 4604,4605)


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